Why Arsene Wenger Needs To Resign Now To Save His Dignity

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and Arsène Wenger just lost another big game. For the third time in his career, the Frenchman has led the Gunners to an EFL Cup Final loss.Last Sunday, Arsenal were dispatched like they were nothing by Pep Guardiola’s wondrous Manchester City team.

Yes, it’s the Carabao Cup, perhaps the least important of the four trophies on show. But, this loss hurts as it was perhaps the only chance the Gunners had to win silverware this season. So, to see the players get thrashed so comfortably, was embarrassing. How can anyone defend the undefendable anymore, Arsène Wenger has taken this club as far as he can and to save what’s left of his legacy, he must resign now.

Here’s why Arsène Wenger needs to resign now to save his dignity.

When a skinny, glasses-wearing Frenchman arrived in England in 1996, he was greeted with headlines of ‘Arsène Who’ by the English press. Fast forward 22 years and Arsène Wenger has in my personal opinion become Arsenal’s greatest ever manager. However, everyone has their expiry date and for Arsène Wenger, his has come and gone.

A few years ago, CEO Ivan Gazidis stated that we would be competing with the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona both on & off the pitch. We’re in 2018 and the Gunners have never been further away from that truth. Arsenal can’t afford the mega-million-pound signings that the elites can, neither can they match them on a football pitch.

In football, it’s tactics that set the tone of the game whilst quality players define margins. Arsenal has the quality players but the tactics from the manager put them at a disadvantage before they even step on a pitch.

Of course, blame can also be attached to the players but in this scenario, 70% can be attached to the Frenchman. This is not the first time we’ve seen naivety, spinelessness and ill-discipline from an Arsenal team, it’s the third or fourth time. So, we’re seeing the SAME mistakes with a different set of players under the SAME manager.

For those who still defend Wenger, just look at the facts:

  • Arsenal has lost 6 out of 12 games in 2018.
  • Arsenal currently sit 6th in the league, on course for their worst ever finish under Wenger.
  • Arsenal lost to Ostersunds 2-1 at the Emirates.
  • Arsenal got knocked out of the FA Cup by Nottingham Forest.
  • Arsenal has the worst defensive record of any team in the top 7.
  • Arsenal has lost to Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham this season.

Need I go on? The fact of the matter is, Arsène Wenger’s legacy is slowly vanishing before his eyes. If he wants to be remembered as an icon he must let go of Arsenal and allow them to flourish. He’s taken this club as far as he can, and his archaic ways of coaching cannot compete with the young managers of today. If he loves the club he built, he must resign now to save his dignity and the future of Arsenal.


Josh Campbell is a freelance writer and passionate Arsenal supporter currently living in South London, England.Covering a variety of sports including football, rugby, MMA and boxing, he also provides monthly contributions to The Big Write Hook.

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