Time For Arsenal To Make A Decisive Decision On Aaron Ramsey

In his time at Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey has experienced many ups and downs. From career-threatening injuries to winning goals in cup finals, the Welshman has been through it all with the Gunners. However, that rollercoaster of a journey may be coming to an end soon as the 27-year-old has not put pen to paper on a new contract. Aaron Ramsey has just under 18 months on left on his current contract and has seemingly declared no intention of renewing it.

In an age where footballing opinions seem to derive from social media, most football fans seem to not rate Aaron Ramsey that highly. He’s always been branded as a sub-par midfielder that Arsène Wenger blindly stands by. But there’s a reason why Arsène Wenger has been so faithful to him, he’s talented. That’s why clubs like Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester City are all reportedly monitoring his situation.

To avoid another Alexis Sánchez& Mesut Özil contract-type countdown, there are several methods to which Arsenal could handle this predicament.

Sell in the summer

As we said earlier, there are a host of clubs interested in Aaron Ramsey. If the Welshman truly has no intention of signing a new deal, Arsenal must sell him whilst interest is high. This will ensure that the club gets the best price for him, instead of having to accept a low-ball offer when his contract enters into its last year from July onwards.

According to daily star, Aaron Ramsey is currently on £110,000-a-week, a wage that Arsenal will probably not increase. This is most likely the sticking point of the saga as the Welshman has just seen Mesut Özil secure himself a £300,000-a-week contract. Aaron Ramsey probably rates himself in that stratosphere, but his valuations are not likely to be in line with those of the club and rightly so. Ramsey is certainly not a £300,000-a-week player in my opinion.

Operate in good faith?

Arsène Wenger was the man that kept faith in Aaron Ramsey when everyone else wanted him to be sold. Arsenal could hope that that show of faith will be repaid by the 27-year-old and his representatives. If this is about money, a compromise may be reached, but if this is to do with the Welshman’s desire to win trophies, it’ll be harder to persuade him.

The Gunners currently sit 6th in the league, with no PL or Champions League trophy in sight. That’s why Aaron Ramsey may be seeking to jump ship now while he still has some peak playing years ahead of him.

The truth of the matter is, without Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal is a weaker outlet. However, he is not irreplaceable to the lengths of Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez. The traits he contributes to our build-up play can easily be coached into another player from the U23s.


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