Mesut Ozil To Sign A New Contract With Arsenal And Take Arsenal’s Number 10 Shirt?

Virtually all Arsenal fans will like Mesut Ozil to remain at the Emirates. He is simply Arsenal’s best player. Unfortunately until he signs a new deal, Arsenal fans have a lot to worry about. Recent reports from the Manchester Evening News state that the Red devils discussed the possibility of signing Ozil as well as Alexis Sanchez. United’s interest isn’t new. Jose Mourinho and Mesut Ozil worked well together at Real Madrid, and Mourinho has never held back on his admiration for the best number 10 in the world, but a move seems out of the question.

Arsenal appear desperate to keep hold of Ozil, and Ozil appears keen to stay. He moved into his new London home this week, and the offer remains on the table at Arsenal. Reports before Christmas stated that Ozil is ready to reach an agreement with Arsenal to extend, and was waiting to see who came in before fully committing.

Also, the Sun recently claimed in an article that Ozil is ready to stay provided he gets a big increase on his reported £150,000 a week contract and the number 10 shirt. Virtually all media reports are hinting at a verbal agreement between the player and Arsenal

This supposed verbal agreement appeared to give Arsenal the shake they needed. The sale of Sanchez has lifted a burden off the squad, and the arrival of Mkhitaryan has got fans and fellow players very excited. On top of this, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang appears to be very close to a move. These arrivals must surely whet Ozil’s appetite; the thought of Auba’s movement, lightening pace and clinical finishing will surely bring the best out of him, and build on the partnership he’s starting to develop with Alexander Lacazette.

For Arsenal, these moves show ambition, and Ivan Gazidis must take a lot of credit for them, but if they lose Ozil, they will have taken two steps forward, three steps back. Ozil is a world class player, and a team playe; he’d rather create than score, and any striker would be lucky to have a number 10 with this mentality.

Although Henrikh Mkhitaryan will ease the reliance on Ozil, he will need time to adapt, and he’s not at Ozil’s level. Ozil is the best number 10 in the world, and if he had the players around him that Kevin de Bruyne did, the comparisons between to two would be laughed off. Losing him is not an option, and losing him to United would lead to revolt.

What’s very interesting is how quickly United dropped their interest. If Ozil was interested in the move, you’d have thought that Arsenal would have taken the money and ran. They would have got a replacement in, but United dropped their interest. To Ozil, that is a sign that they wanted Sanchez more, but Arsenal have chosen him over the Chilean. They want to build the team around him. He is loved at Arsenal. He loves Arsenal, and it looks like his new deal will be announced when the window closes.