Could Julian Draxler Finally Become A Gunner In The Summer?

It seems as long as time has existed Draxler has been linked to Arsenal. The cavemen painted on the walls about how Draxler is the player Arsenal needs. The Egyptians built great pyramids of Wenger hoping the mighty God Stan Kroenke will give him funds to buy Draxler. The Romans, well, you get the point.

When he was at Schalke he seemed the perfect fit for Arsenal, and instead of snapping him up, Arsenal, shock horror, dithered and missed out on him. He then went to Wolfsburg to replace De Bruyne, and once again it seemed only a matter of time before he ended up at the Emirates. Yet again, Arsenal waited, didn’t make a move, and PSG snapped him up.

He seems to be available again. Arsenal seem interested again, as they seemingly have been since time began. But, this time, with the new structure in place, it seems Arsenal are a club that MAY actually be able to get things done.

Amazingly, Draxler is only 24 years old. It seems like he has been around as a top, top talent forever. The young German recently captained his nation to Confederations Cup success last summer and it is expected he will play a major role for Germany this summer at the World Cup, where he will be joined by two Arsenal players Ozil and Mustafi.

With PSG desperate to claw some funds back for Financial Fair Play reasons, especially considering they are already committed to throwing another over 100 million Euros to keep Mbappe, Draxler could not only be available, he could be cheap.

Arsenal are calling out for a player who can beat a defender in a one on one situation, who can actually dribble with the ball and then play a telling pass or shoot and score. Alexis kind of did this, but he also turned back on himself 100 times a game and then gave it away trying to backheel it to himself. Since the days of Pires and Ljungberg, which coincides with the time the team was last any good, Arsenal have not had a genuine goalscoring threat from wide or players who can carry the ball or make something happen out of nothing. Arsenal have tried and failed to replace that with Reyes, Arshavin, Walcott, Chamberlain lastly Alexis. Not that all the mentioned players failed, certainly not Alexis, but they did not give the side the balance and threat, alongside the width and ball carrying ability of a Pires.

It has been a long, long, long time coming, but if Arsenal do finally decide pull the trigger and purchase Draxler, after scouting him his own career, they would not only give the team the balance and added attacking threat needed, they would have another genuine world class player on their hands to get the fans excited.

Who knows, maybe we can be the ones that write about what Draxler did at Arsenal, not how Arsenal should sign him.